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Why do charity gift cards make good gifts?

There are many occasions when a gift of some kind is appropriate – and often expected and necessary. Some examples are birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs and during the December holiday season. Often at these times we must choose a gift for someone who already has everything they really need and want. Or we need to give a gift to someone whose tastes we don’t really know. A charity gift card is a terrific solution in these situations. A charity gift card lets you give a meaningful gift with which the recipient can change the world a little bit in a manner they like - whether that is preserving rainforest, feeding hungry children or perhaps funding a theatre in Minneapolis.

  • Charity gift cards are convenient to give. Purchasing a gift online is a fast and convenient way to make a purchase.
  • Charity gift cards empower individual choice. Giving a charitable donation in someone’s name is nice; allowing the gift recipient to choose a cause that is meaningful to them is even better.
  • Charity gift cards truly engage the recipient in the giving process.
  • Charity gift cards can be truly unique. Some card producers support custom images, even for quantities as small as a single card. That means you can give a gift that is meaningful on several levels and a keepsake for the refrigerator magnet. Add a picture of your family to your charity gift card; or add a photo of a special memory to commemorate a special event.
  • Charity gift cards can be sent instantaneously via email and can be printed on your own printer. They make fantastic last-minute gifts.
  • Charity gift cards build stronger bonds between you and the gift recipient, as compared to a restaurant gift card or basket of crackers and cheese.
  • Charity gift cards make outstanding business gifts. They aren’t fattening, they don’t have nuts (watch out for allergies), they eliminate the risk of giving something of material value to an employee who can’t accept it. They can carry your brand and messaging in powerful ways (when the cards and redemption experience are customized).
Charity Gift Card Comparison Chart | Leading Charity Gift Card Providers
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Overall Ranking
  • Fees
  • Website Ease of use
  • Gift card quality
  • Customization
  • Recipient Experience
  • Comments
TisBest Charity Gift Card Global Giving Gift Card Give Now Card CharityChoice Gift Card The Good Card Causes Charity Gift Card
TisBest Philanthropy Global Giving JustGive Special Kids Fund Network for Good Philotec, Inc.
Dedicated solely to charity gift cards.
Clear, intuitive interface.
Free customization; no minimum quantity; fastest production.
Lowest fees.
International giving portal also offering
charity gift cards.
Clean interface.
Customization available; long lead times.
Highest fees.
Direct donation
website also offering charity gift cards.
Clean interface.
Some customization;
available only for
bulk orders.
Average fees.
Offers prepaid Visa
and charity gift cards.
Unclear purchase and
redemption programs.
Customization only
for bulk orders; long lead time.
Higher fees.
Direct donation
website also offering
charity gift cards.
Very limited
Lowest fees.
Causes is owned by
Philotec, Inc, a
for-profit company.
Not recommended;
all other charity gift
card providers are
nonprofit charities.

Fees (Financial Efficiency)

Charity gift cards are a type of financial instrument. You deposit money with the sponsoring organization and the person to whom you give the card chooses the charity that will receive the money. All charity gift card providers charge a fee to provide the gift cards, operate the websites and make the charity gift card concept possible. Look for fees that are lower, that are not percentage based and that are clearly disclosed and easy to understand.

Website Ease of Use

Charity gift cards are purchased through the web. Look for websites that make it easy to understand what your options are and how to choose among them. Organizations should offer telephone and email support. Redeeming a charity gift card should be a pleasant experience with an opportunity to learn about causes and organizations. Steer clear of websites that are confusing or difficult to navigate for you or your gift card recipients.

Gift Card Quality

Since charity gift cards are a gift, you want it to look attractive, in addition to doing good in the world. Gift cards should be printed with a high quality image, be easy to read and arrive in attractive packaging. Look for providers that offer plastic and paper product made of 100% recycled content.

Customization Features and Service

All charity gift card providers offer some degree of customization and offer email and print-your-own options; some will create your card in plastic and send it in the mail. Providers offer a range of different card designs. Look for providers that offer customization with no minimum quantities and no additional costs. Look out for custom cards with a minimum order, long lead times, and additional costs.

Gift Recipient Experience

All charity gift cards are redeemed on a website. That experience should be simple, enjoyable and engaging for the person who received the charity gift card as a gift. Look for websites that clearly indicate where and how to spend a gift card and offer charity suggestions or categories.


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