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What do charity gift cards look like?

While most charity gift cards are quite similar in the way they work, they can differ greatly in appearance. A charity gift card can be made of plastic (just like a conventional gift card), printed on paper, or sent as an email card. Some providers allow you to add a custom image to a card (your family photo, a favorite picture of a pet, or a company logo , for example), while other providers offer only a limited selection of stock images and designs (as few as four design). Cards can be assigned different dollar denominations, which vary greatly from provider to provider. Some providers offer very limited choices in denominations (for example, $5.00, $25.00, $50.00,) whereas other providers allow purchasers to pick virtually any denomination.Below you will find a charity gift card image sample for each of the leading charity gift card providers.

Sample Charity Gift Card Images | Leading Charity Gift Providers

  • TisBest Charity Gift Card
    TisBest Philanthropy
  • Global Giving Gift Card
    Global Giving
  • TisBest Charity Gift Card
  • Global Giving Gift Card
  • The Good Card
    Network for Good
  • CharityChioce Gift Card
    Special Kids Fund
  • The Good Card
  • CharityChoice Gift Card
  • Give Now Card
  • Causes Gift Card
    Phlotec, Inc.
  • GiveNow Card
  • Causes Gift Card


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