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Charity gift cards and deductibility

When a charity gift card is purchased, the purchaser is making a donation to the sponsoring non-profit provider. As such, the purchase price for charity gift cards is usually tax deductible. It’s important to note that the deduction is taken by the person who actually purchased the charity gift card, and not by the gift recipient who is redeeming the card.

For example, if you purchase a charity gift card for $50.00, you will usually be able to take a $50 deduction on your taxes for that tax year. But the person who received the gift from you and selects the charities to receive the money is not eligible for a tax deduction.

Please understand that this website does not purport to offer tax advice. Please see your tax professional for detailed answers to your tax-related questions. It is also possible that different charity gift card providers may understand the deductibility of their gifts differently.


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